Guild Rules

1) Treat other people (guild members and non guild members) how you yourself would like to be treated. Remember you have that Mist Wolves tag on your name now & anything you do reflects directly on the guild and everyone else wearing our tag.

2) Always remember that in MMORPG the G stands for Game. This is just a game and it should always be fun for everyone please keep that in mind at all times.

3) Please be polite, both in game (Guild, Group, Raid or Global) chat and on ventrillo. Under no circumstances will abuse of a racist, sexist, religious or ethnic nature be tolerated. If such occurs and depending on the severity of the instance you will be approached by a senior officer to discuss the issue. Such action may lead to penalties, sanctions or being removed from the guild.

4) Unnecessary &/or repeated swearing will not be tolerate in either chat or ventrilo. We know that it occasionally slips out but please just do not make it part of your vocabulary, as this can lead to the above disciplinary action.

5) Respect one another, if you have a problem with someone in the guild making you uncomfortable or breaking the rules please report it to an officer.

6) Treat your officers with respect. These people have an important role in the guild & spend a lot of their time helping run the guild with events & all sorts of things which take up their time. Remember they are donating their time to try & make the guild better for you so please respect their efforts. Members now have the opportunity every few months to vote in new junior officers they think best represent them, please vote on these postions as they come up so you can get the full benefit of this system.

7) Please keep us informed. We crave your input regarding the game, our officers, your guild and you. You can PM an officer on the forums, /tell an officer ingame or Request a chat with an officer/officers in a private ventrilo chanel and please try to visit the Forums on a regular basis this is the best source of communication for the officers to talk to the whole guild. It is also our Raid and Social Calendar.
An account that has not been accessed for 80 days or longer will be deleted from the Guild Roster, unless you have informed a Senior Officer. If you are going to be away for an extended time again please put it on the Forums.

8) If you leave the game or the guild please say goodbye, on the forums preferably so everyone can say goodbye.